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Advanced Techniques of Predictive Astrology - A Vedic Treatise in Modern Times (2 Volume set) [English]

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About the Book

"Advanced Techniques of Predictive Astrology - A Vedic Treatise in Modern Times (Two Volumes)" covers all the three main sub-divisions of Vedic Astrology Samhita, Ganita and Hora with a focus on predictive techniques. It is in Ten Parts with 24 Annexures. The following are the highlights: > Part I - Horoscope Judgement includes Principles of Judgement of a Horoscope, Interpretation & Case Studies of Divisional Charts and Principles of Time Rectification in a Horoscope. > Part II - Medical Astrology includes Principles of Medical Astrology and Longevity, Health and Diseases Interpretation & Case Study Longevity. > Part III - Love, Relationship, Marriage & Progeny includes Strijatak Female Horoscope, Issues in Love, Relationships & Marriage, Marriage Parameters, Compatibility for Marriage & Relationships, Marriage Muhurta, Case Studies - Love, Relationships, Marriage & Progeny Principles and Case Studies on various aspects of Progeny. > Part IV - Transit and Ashtakvarga includes Interpretation of Transit and Ashtakvarga, Rashi-wise forecast for Ingress of a Planet in a Sign & Monthly forecast for Persons born in different Signs. > Part V -Annual Chart includes Principles & Case Studies of Interpretation ofAnnual Chart. > Part VI - Jaimini Shastra includes Jaimini Sutras A Holistic Summary, Case Studies - Chara, Mandook and Vimshottari Dasha Systems; Shoola, Navamsha, Sthir & Brahma Dashas for Longevity and on the number, sex and sequence of Co-borns & Progeny. > Part VII - Prashna Shastra includes Basics for interpretation of a Prashna Chart, House-wise Principles of Interpretation of Prashna Charts, Case Studies - Interpretation of Prashna relating to Health Issues, Wealth, Property & Family Happiness, Progeny, Higher Education & Love Relationships, Debt, Legal Disputes & Accidents, Marriage and Conjugal Life, Inheritance, Cause of Death, Journeys & Parents, Profession, Gains, Success and Moksha and Theft &Missing Person. > Part VIII - Chakra Prediction includes interpretation & case studies of Sarvatobhadra, Singhasan , Chhatra, Rahu Kaalanal, Kot, Sanghatta Rashi, Sanghatta Nakshatra, Sudarshan, Matrika Chakras, Koorma and other chakras. str (Swar Shastra). > Part IX - Samhita Astro-meteorology includes Principles of Astro-meteorology, Short, Medium & Long Term Prediction, Case Studies - Predicting Weather, Rains and Crops. > Part X Samhita Mundane includes Principles and Case Studies of Mundane Astrology. Commodity Price Trends and Case Studies.

The book is very comprehensive and is a brilliant addition to the existing literature on Vedic Astrology. The book is not only a compendium of advanced predictive techniques but also contains large number of actual life case studies to show their applicability. It will be of great use in upgrading the predictive skill of the astrologers in a holistic way