Simple Vastu [English]
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Simple Vastu [English]

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Chandrika Shubham is an esteemed Vastu consultant based in Gurgaon. She has been helping clients improve their buildings and homes for more than a decade. She has appeared on national television and published several popular articles on Vastushastra in national and regional newspapers. She is an accomplished astrologer as well. Despite being a full-time businesswoman, she makes time to tend to her herb garden and to teach Yoga in the mornings. She loves to read, write and meditate.

Salient Features • Importance of Vastu in modern life style • What to do before buying a plot and constructing a house • Line drawings for better understanding • Change direction; change destiny • Helpful tips to increase business and for continuous flow of money • Low cost Vastushastra remedies • Healthy and tension free life through Vastu • Attractive Vastu rules for success in career .