Mangal [Hindi]
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Mangal [Hindi]

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Mangal [Hindi] By Rishi Rohit Sharma

Publisher: Notion Press

Mangal" (मंगल) by Rishi Rohit Sharma is a book written in Hindi that explores the astrological significance of the planet Mars, known as "Mangal" in Hindi. The book delves into various aspects related to Mars in Vedic astrology, including its influence on individuals' lives, its placement in different houses of the birth chart, and its effects during different planetary transits.

Rishi Rohit Sharma, the author, likely provides insights into the mythology, symbolism, and astrological interpretations associated with Mars in Vedic astrology. Readers can expect to learn about the characteristics, attributes, and potential impact of Mars on areas such as ambition, energy, courage, conflict, and relationships.

Published by Notion Press, "Mangal" serves as a valuable resource for individuals interested in understanding the astrological significance of Mars and how it can affect various aspects of life according to Vedic astrology principles.