Mundane Astrology [English]
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Mundane Astrology [English]

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Mundane astrology is a very vast subject. Earthquakes, Astro-meteorology, Rise and fall in prices of grain, gold, silver, and other essential commodities and their availability for people, effects of transit of planets in various signs of zodiac specially which have their major roles in controlling the rains, market price, political affairs, natural calamities etc. are various branches of this subject. Each topic is a full-fledged subject in itself.     

The information given in this book is sufficient to predict about the Rainy season, Earthquakes, Natural calamities, Political turmoils, Accidents, Floods etc. together with the rise and fall of prices. The entry of a planet in a sign on certain tithi, in a particular constellation and on a particular day of the week has its effect on the season, market and on the happiness of the masses. (Such combinations have been furnished in this book). The easiest way for students is to learn the places and commodities represented by the signs and planets. The affliction of them will create some trouble and rise in prices or short or excess rainfall.

The Tools of Mundane predictions have been discussed and their uses have been explained with many illustrations. The readers will find that the principles laid down by the sages never fail. Remember: “Whenever any planet changes its position, something good or bad is sure to happen”.