Dharma Shastra ka Itihas (5 Volumes Set) [Hindi]
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Dharma Shastra ka Itihas (5 Volumes Set) [Hindi]

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Dharma Shastra ka Itihas (5 Volumes Set) [Hindi] By Pandurang Vaman Kone

Publisher: Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan Lucknow

Dharma Shastra ka Itihas" is a comprehensive 5-volume set written by Pandurang Vaman Kane. This work, published in Hindi by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan, Lucknow, delves into the extensive history and evolution of Dharmashastra, which are ancient Indian texts dealing with laws, duties, and ethics.

Volume Breakdown:

  1. Volume 1: Explores the origins and early development of Dharmashastra, covering Vedic texts and the initial formulations of legal and moral codes.
  2. Volume 2: Discusses the growth and consolidation of Dharmashastra during the post-Vedic period, including the works of notable ancient scholars.
  3. Volume 3: Analyzes the classical period of Dharmashastra, highlighting the major texts and their interpretations.
  4. Volume 4: Examines the medieval period, focusing on commentaries and the influence of Dharmashastra on society and governance.
  5. Volume 5: Covers the modern interpretations and applications of Dharmashastra, considering its relevance in contemporary legal and ethical discourse.