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Venus in Astrology [English]

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Venus is a most brilliant planet and is known as the Goddess of beauty. It can be seen early in the morning. Excepting Moon in the night one can see it as a most brightest planet in the sky. It's light is most attractive and fascinating and has a soothing effect. This planet has attracted the attention of learned Rishis and Vendantis from Vedic times and till today it occupies an important place in astronomy and astrology. Western countries have evinced lot of interest in this planet and readers will note in Chapter 1 few interest shown by Russian Scientist. Thus a fascinating planet of beauty and sex has captured the attention of astronomers and astronauts. This is one planet which has been universally accepted as a planet of beauty, happiness and romance. Anything whose refinement and higher attributes of mind are involved one has to look for Venus. In India it is called Sukra but is also known as Lucifer and Hesperus. Greek call it the Aphrodite, the Babylonians call it Nana, the Hebrews named it Astrorith, Asyrians called Venus Isktor and Phoenicians as Astrate. In mythological stories Venus has been identified as Preceptor of Daityas and this has vast implications in Nadi System of Astrology. However, there is almost no major difference in consideration of Venus between East and West except that Hindus use Venus to delineate the extent of ones comfort, luxuries, conveyance and happiness. It represents love affairs, his spouse and marriage. It represents Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth). As the readers will go through this book, they will realize that there is no important aspect of life which Venus does not touch. As a matter of fact whenever any consultant gives his horoscope for considerations, I always in the first instance evaluate Venus to get bird'o eye views of his status, happiness in life and married life. I am surprised that such an important planet has not been considered in all its aspects by anyone and at least I have not come across any book. I am sure that the present book will fill up this gap. This book contains valuable materials for the professional as well as amateur Astrologers.