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New Techniques of Prediction (2 Volume set) [English]

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This treatise titled 'New Techniques of Prediction' is brought forth in two parts for certain conveniences of reference. The first part contains all the rudimentary elements and rules under general Astrology arranged in a systematic manner enabling easy reference. In addition to what is available in standard classic works, I have included very many new and unknown secrets after long research. My object is to render my treatise useful for both the beginner and the advanced student of astrology. As far as possible I have avoided unnecessary and hazy ides, retaining only those that have stood true by research. This part II edition is designed to contain chiefly predictive portions, the elementary ones being included in Part I. This is a rare and valuable publication containing precious dictums not known to many so far - 'A Million Dollar Worth' as one of the readers has expressed. I have tried to handle the subject in a mathematical way winnowing all alternatives and doubts. On application of my theory you will yourself realise its merits. There is nothing new - no new invention. As I have once before expressed no human being of ordinary intellect can add on even an atom to it as his own. What an intelligent astrologer should do is to merely digest the proper meaning of our classic dictums and apply them diligently. That is what I have done and that is what I expect of you all. Added to it long research work is needed. It is only by way of research that I have been able to place before you the wonderful effects of Thithi, Weekday, Star, Yoga etc. The Division Chart or Phala Kundali is a unique product of my long research which is a tangible foundation for correct  meticulous predictions.