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Finance & Profession - A Vedic Approach [English]

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FINANCE & PROFESSION ( A Vedic Approach)

The survival and sustenance of human life and all activities on this earth mainly depends on financial prosperity. A vast majority of us think of, talk about and act as per financial considerations. In 21st millennium, money is God and God is money. A high financial status automatically brings power, glory, authority, comforts & friend and covers most of the short comings. People without money lead a life of sufferings & penury unsung, unwept & unhonoured in life as well as in death.

People’s curiosity and inquisitiveness grow more and more in the quest for future financial status &life style. This brings in the necessity of divine astrological consultations which help a native to decide why, what, when, where and how one should act to get the best as per one’s past karmas & present serious efforts. Selection of an auspicious time to start a work and resort to remedial measures when things are not moving as expected are core considerations for any business.

The profession of a native is intimately related to one’s chances and degree of success in acquiring riches & wealth. The number and type of professions are far too many to be counted. The professions is a mean to achieve prosperity, but these days the end results justify the means. More and more people earn riches through dubious means passing through the phenomenon of ups& downs, rags to riches and riches to rags. Hence various professions alongwith these phenomenons have been discussed in detail with illustrations.