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New Dimensions in Vedic Occultism [English]

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Ever since the study was first published in 1983, Vedic Astrology has made a niche for itself. During the age of scientific and technological progress, the special interest shown to this occult science has been spectacular. Its progress among the intellectuals of the United States and Europe is not surprising, they are eager to probe into every area of knowledge, but what is more surprising is its increasing popularity even in the erstwhile Soviet Union. This increasing popularity of the subject needs special approach to this ancient subject.
In fact, even the ancient Vedic seers were not very much interested in using this subject merely for predicting the likely events either for the individuals or for the society in which they live. They were interested in comprehending the mysteries of life. They wanted to know the nature of natural forces impinging upon man and on his globe. These problems were tackled in this study when it was first published. But since its first publications many readers informed me that there were may abstruse chapters in this book which should have been made more concrete and less metaphysical. In order to satisfy those readers a few new chapters have been added which has markedly improved the quality of this publications.
In this edition a new chapter deals with the method for decoding the esoteric language of ancient scriptures. The religious scriptures written primarily in myths and symbols needed the knowledge of the keys, which could make them comprehensible. An attempt has been made here to give some hints and suggestions in this regard.