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Astrological Exploration of the Soul [English]

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 Astrological predictions have since long baffled the man. He wanted answers to his psychic quest, methods of self-realization and a knowledge of his ultimate goal. Astrology indicated that his everyday life was guided and controlled by some super physical powers as well as his inner core of the being his soul. These are ethereal concepts which cannot be described in concrete language. The religious descriptions of this spiritual aspect of one's being are veiled in myths and allegoris. These can be comprehended only by the use of proper keys to the various hidden forces operating on man.

These keys are difficult to obtain but the occult teachers have indicated different clues to unravel the mysteries of hidden spiritual force. The stellar science revealed the special line on which individual was progressing. Astrology to be useful must recognize the different stages of spiritual unfoldment. The present study suggests some of these principles which could illuminse the mind of the reader and help him in his quest for self realization and the knowledge of his ultimate goal. 


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