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Facets of Marriage & the 7th House [English]

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Factes of Marriage & ‘The 7th House’

Fire element corresponds with spiritual processes in man.

Earth element corresponds with physical processes.

Air element corresponds with mental processes.

Water element corresponds with psychic processes.

Libra the 7th house of the zodiac, is an airy, odd, positive and masculine sign and thus tends to be more expressive and not passive in reactions. Libra also shows commencement of southern hemisphere. It is also equinoctial sign. The end of  virgo and beginning of libra cause day and  night equal all  over the world. This phenomenon occurs twice in a year. When Sun shifts to aries and when Sun shifts to libra.

We know aries is lagna in kaalpurusha horoscope and natural 7th house in libra. When aries denotes fire element we know that birth is a spiritual phenomenon and embodiment of the soul. The 7th house libra is having air element and is thus connected with mental phenomenon.

Thus natural 7th house libra and 7th lord Venus have a say in marital matters and rather all matters denoted by 7th house.

As all of us know that 7th house from any house is the completion house for that very house. When we say ascendant is the physical self, the embodiment of the soul, it is very natural to assume that 7th is the house of physical union. So, rightly we connect marriage with 7th house, Moreso, the sense of completeness is justified when ‘shatpatha brahamana’ says, ‘one is incomplete without having a wife  and a son;