Astrological Yogas for second marriage

by ANURADHA SHARDA on July 22, 2020

Astrological Yogas for second marriage by Anuradha Sharda.

There are many sutras on second marriage or multiple marriages and multiple relationships. Here I quote some Sutras on multiple marriages from Phaldeepika.

As per Phaldeepika (Patni Chintan Khanda),

  1. There will be second marriage.
  • If the Lord of the 7th house has any relationship with Malefic Planets.
  • If Malefic Planets are placed in 2nd house or 7th house.
  • Venus in 11th house which is the house of gain.
  • Debilitated Venus or
  • The Lord of the 7th is posited in the 6th house or 12th house.
  • If a Malefic Planet posted in Ascendant then second marriage takes place, which shows that the first marriage will not last.
  • Mercury in the 7th house affectionate towards others wife.
  • If Jupiter is in the 2nd house and there is an indication of more than one marriage in the horoscope then the second marriage takes place in later years of life.


Case study of a great Indian Choreographer Saroj Khan


yogas for second marriage book


yogas for second marriage book

In the chart of Saroj Khan, the 2nd House is aspected by a malefic Saturn who is also the Lord of the 6th House and a malefic Ketu is posited with Venus, the 2nd Lord in the 2nd House. Mars, a malefic planet and also a malefic for Virgo Lagna aspects the 7th House and is with the 7th Lord Jupiter. Also, Rahu aspects 7th Lord Jupiter from the 8th House. So, here we see that the 7th and the 8th Houses are both afflicted.

In the Navamsha Chart, Rahu aspects the 7th House and Saturn aspects the 8th   House. So, the 7th and 8th house in the D9 is also afflicted.

When we talk about the Nakshatras, Jupiter is in the Moola Nakshatra which shows destruction before rise in life and Mercury is placed in Vishakha Nakshatra which shows multiple relationships and Venus is placed in the Chitra nakshatra which shows problems due to children. She was married at the age of 13 to her Dance Master who refused to give his name to her children as a result of which she left him and brought her children up single handedly. She later remarried.

Vimsottari Dasa:
Mercury MD:  1957-02-04  -  1974-02-04
Antardasas in this MD: 
Mercury:  1957-02-04  -  1959-07-05 
Ketu:  1959-07-05  -  1960-07-01 
Venus:  1960-07-01  -  1963-04-30 
Case study of 45th U.S. President Donald Trump:

second marriage yogas books astrology


astrology books on marriage and relationships

In the case of Donald Trump, the 7th Lord is posited in the 12th House. Mars, a malefic planet Mars in the Lagna and aspects the 7th and the 8th House. Saturn also aspects the 8th Lord. So, here we see that the 7th and 8th House are afflicted.

Another interesting point to note is that as the chart shows more than one marriage, and with Jupiter in the 2nd House, he had a 2nd Marriage quite late in life.

As per the Navamsha Chart, 7th Lord is in Paap Kartakri and the 8th House is aspected by Rahu. Again the 7th and 8th Houses of the D-9 Chart are compromised.

When we talk about the Nakshatras, in the D-1, Saturn in Punarvasu Nakshatra indicates success after repeated failure.