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The Hand : The Mirror Of The Soul
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The Hand: the Mirror of the Soul [English]

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"This is a revolutionary book that offers a comprehensive, clear and readable survey of Chirology – the art of reading hands – along with enriching the knowledge of Chirology with the values and validity of Scientific research. (Cover Attached)
The palms of our hands serve as a kind of detailed and fascinating roadmap that mirrors our consciousness. It tells the story of our deepest needs, our strengths and hidden talents, as well as the places within us that need nurturing and support. In order to be properly read and deciphered, this map requires knowledge.
It is highly useful for lay persons, students of chirology and experienced chirologists as well as professionals in the helping professions. For the latter group, using diagnostic chirology as a complementary tool can provide access to undisclosed information and new insights. Most importantly, it is based on empirical studies that successfully and significantly differentiate between given populations, showing the predictive power of various clusters of hand