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Tarot Secrets Unveiled (Volume 1) [English]

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78 Rays of Power & Peace

 Welcome to the Tarot Journey & 78 fascinating paths towards empowering your life and choosing to be the best version of Yourself that you can be. This book is useful for both novices and adepts as it spiritually explains the actions and thoughts inherent in the Tarot Deck. Encountering the Tarot for the first time is like opening a door to a new portal; it is a globally popular and revered system of divination. It elevates you to a new dimension of human living and awareness. Each Tarot Card is a ray of Sunlight leading you gently from the realm of darkness and ignorance towards peace and power.

 Studying the Tarot cards with a peaceful mind and an enquiring intellect and an awakened Intuition will bring about deep and everlasting positive transformations in your life. Tarot is an incredible tool for making predictions for the future and to orient our life towards the positive outcome. Tarot cards are miniature masterpieces. Their intricate figures and symbols illuminates our most complex dilemmas and desires.

It connects us to the Divine within us. The scriptures are all of uniform view that "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW; AS THE UNIVERSE SO THE SOUL" . The human soul is the repository of our accumulated knowledge and experiences over the myriad births of our soul journey. Tarot through its rich mystical imagery mirrors our soul and the karmic patterns that have shaped our life-patterns over the births. It is a glimpse into the DNA of our soul