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Tarot Remedies & Healing (Volume 2) [English]

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Judgement & Correction of Planetary Power by Tarot

 Welcome to Volume 2 of the Tarot Journey - to the fascinating and unlimited world of Remedies available through Tarot Readings. Learn how the mystical Tarot has strong linkages with other Divination Sciences such as Astrology, Numerology and Kaballah and Transcendental Meditation. Tarot has deep connection with Planetary Powers and the Zodiac Signs and helps to reduce their ill effects by timely remedial intervention. This Judgement and Correction of Planets affecting our earthly life leads to Prosperity and Success. Tarot cards are miniature masterpieces and their deciphering leads to a life of peace, power and happiness. Explore the realm of Chakras and meditation to bring your life into balance. Tarot connects us to the Divine within us. The scriptures are all of uniform view that "AS ABOVE, SO BELOW; AS THE UNIVERSE SO THE SOUL" . The human soul is the repository of our accumulated knowledge and experiences over the myriad births of our soul journey. Tarot through its rich esoteric imagery mirrors our soul and the karmic patterns that have shaped our life-patterns over the births. Its a glimpse into the DNA of our soul. Self healing and healing of others becomes a personal mission with perceptive use of Crystals, Gems, Yantras, Mantras, Angels, Rudraksha and other remedial solutions .