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Shri - Durga Saptashati [English Sanskrit]

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'Shri Durga Saptashati' is a practical training manual. Actually, it is a way to find out the cosmic reality. Throughout our lives we pursue such transient and petty desires that we ourselves can't; remember them even after a few hours,' or a few days, not to speak in the context' of the history of civilization, or the evolution of man, or the origin of the universe. In the Durga-Saptashati Mother shows us how to get out of this bondage. Daily reciting these verses, we offer to Mother all our troubles, afflictions, all manner of thoughts and preturbations (even the very Ego itself). Give them all to Her; She will cut them down, one by one, purify them with the vibration of its verses and hymns, until one becomes of the intuitive vision, who only desires the highest-wisdom to remove the attachments of ego. The continuous recitation of this book is designed to accomplish this goal.