Profession through Vedic Astrology [English]
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Profession through Vedic Astrology [English]

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Profession through Vedic Astrology [English] By Er. PL Khushu

Publisher: Sagar Publications

About the Book Profession is a vital link to one’s existence. The profession of a person is directly linked to the destiny of a person, which in turn is linked to one’s ‘Karmas’. The Law of Karma is infallible and everyone is subjected to it. It is here where astrology and its parameters creep in to weigh one’s prospects of having a sustainable profession, as a subject of science and not as a dogma. To attain a proper professional career is the most significant responsibility of a person, as it sets the direction in which one has to live with in one’s life, particularly for one’s sustenance in life monetarily. As per the present scenario of economy, when the professions are now multiple in number, enough prudence in this behalf shall have to be exhibited by a prudent astrologer to club various astrological parameters to locate the earnings of a person through his or her profession. Looking to the scenario of the availability of varied professions now, it will thus be a challenging job for a leaned astrologer to identify the profession of a person, with accurate proximity and reliability. Considering all the above factors an attempt has been made in this book to cover almost most of the prominent professional fields with due care and reference to relevant astrological factors thereof. This book is spread over about main fifteen (15) chapters covering various types and forms of professions and its different variants based on astrological logistics. All such cases have been explained in detail along with the relevant birth charts and the divisional charts. While Vedic Astrology is an unfathomable ocean of knowledge, yet, this author has tried his best to make this book on profession and its variants a good presentation in respect of its importance of usages in its uses in predictive astrology. Hope this book will provide enough insight into the relevance of Profession of a person through, astrology and will serve as a good guide in this regard.


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