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Profession Based on Krishnamurti Padhdhati Stellar Astrology [English]

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According to Krishnamurti padhadhati systems the Astrologer can guide a person about his or her "Profession", in this Modern world, if he would have to follow the principle given by Late.Prof.K.S.K. in his system called K.P. System. The method is easy and simple.

Every one is engaged in some calling in order to establish his place in society acid achieve social status or to earn a livelihood. The 10th house in any individuals horoscope indicates about one's livelihood and professional prospects in his life. The 10th, 2nd and 6th houses represent the temporal status of the native embracing his actions; honour and credit. Business or professional standing and position in Society (10th) the service rendered by him/his wealth, comforts and subordinates (6th) and money earned by such personal efforts (2nd) shows the focus of that individual external situation in society indicating his place as expressed in the keyword 'Honour'.

The 10th house designates all those in authority over the native that is to saga, those who issue orders to which the individual confirm, not only superiors placed above him in rank but also the sociopolitical entities for which they speak, that is the Government, the corporation or business concerns.